Executive Leadership Coaching

Your performance is important to you.  Are you reaching your fullest potential?   

Executive leadership coaching will allow you to realize professional success and achievement, as you define it. We work one-on-one with CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals to help them realize their professional and personal potential. Some of the reasons that our clients choose coaching include:

  • Master time management, manage stress and improve daily effectiveness 
  • Develop greater competency in leadership and different styles of leading
  • Manage conflict and difficult interpersonal dynamics
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Manage and coach direct reports
  • Align skills and strengths with job performance
  • Establish executive presence
  • Optimize work / life schedules
  • Chart a new career path

Coaching is a dialogue between coach and client to understand issues, create realistic goals and set an action plan. We utilize psychometric assessments, including 360 assessments and behavioral work styles assessments, which are excellent tools to improve self-awareness, stress-management, team management and relationship management. Each executive coaching engagement is customized to the needs of the client, with a focus on achieving goals and measurable results. 

We also offer a mindful leadership coaching program for senior executives to address issues both within their workday as well as in their personal life, providing the support to create professional and personal goals which enhance their effectiveness and happiness.

Career Transitions Coaching

For clients in a professional transition, career coaching will help you navigate the path from where you are today to where you area headed. 

Transitions may include finding a new career, moving towards retirement, or making a parallel move into a new industry. For candidates interested in exploring new careers, we offer customized career coaching to accelerate a job search process.

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