Executive Leadership Coaching

Mindfulness Meditation for Extraordinary Living

@ RHY Englewood
Thursdays 1:30 – 2:30 pm
January 14 – March 3
$295 per person

An 8 week meditation practice that will deepen your meditation practice, develop your ability to live mindfully, and help you find greater contentment, clarity and joy.

TO SIGN UP: ClientServices@PranaCoaching.com

Mindfulness is experiencing each moment, on purpose and without judgment. When we live mindfully, we are happier, less anxious, and derive joy from simple moments. In this workshop we will learn the basics of mindfulness meditation, practice meditation, and discuss how mindful awareness can help us face common life challenges and develop our ability to live fully and extraordinarily! 

Each week we will:
•    Learn the basics of mindfulness (vipassana) meditation
•    Practice meditation, share insights and discuss challenges
•    Discuss ways to develop a mindful approach to life and work. 
•    Sample topics include: 
o    Understanding how thoughts get in the way of happiness
o    Managing stress, frustration, anger and daily mental challenges
o    Cultivating clarity, equanimity, presence, and balance
o    How to find joy in daily moments
o    Developing contentment and compassion