Executive Leadership Coaching

prana /pra·na/ (prah´nah) [Sanskrit]: vital energy that sustains life and governs inspiration and the conscious intellect.

We are a boutique executive coaching and consulting firm located in New Jersey and New York City. We work globally with organizations who are looking to develop the leadership potential of their employees, and with individual executives seeking greater leadership capabilities as well as professional success and fulfillment.

We have a large roster of certified, professional leadership coaches internationally who we partner with on corporate engagements.  A few of our coaches are profiled below.


MaryBeth Sigler, CEO & Executive Coach
MaryBeth Sigler is an experienced leadership coach who has more than twenty years experience working with executives and their teams. She coaches senior leaders, managers, and high-potentials to acquire the leadership tools they need to successfully advance their careers. She specializes in the development of emotional intelligence and mindful leadership. 

Her full bio is here.

Anthony Anderson, Executive Coach


Anthony is a facilitator of organizational transformation, an executive coach and a corporate facilitator for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in media, law, and the arts, and been part of cultural change initiatives in organizations spanning health and insurance, technology and manufacturing, global non-profits and as well as banks. Anthony has a law degree from the University of Sydney, is an award-winning feature film producer, and has a joy for sharing the many benefits of leadership development.

Anne Liedtka, Executive & Career Coach


Anne Liedtka’s expertise is founded in honing her client’s ability to make successful transitions and guided decisions in career, business or personal plans and goals. Her client base ranges from recent graduates seeking professional direction, executives and business owners navigating decisions and retirees defining next steps. Anne’s coaching practice is built on clear cut benefits designed to: identify and nurture key character strengths, build a proactive mindset/approach and act at an accountability motivator during the process.

Alejandra Merklen, Executive & Career Coach


Alejandra Merklen’s coaching expertise is based on over 20 years of experience in the corporate environment, leading individuals and teams to achieve goals and improve performance. She is a NYU-certified executive coach and has coached senior leaders and young professionals in the USA and overseas.

Libby Weathers, Executive Coach


Libby Weathers is an executive leadership coach with more than 12-ye­ars experience training executives and their teams. She coaches team leads, managers and high-potentials to develop the leadership and self-management skills essential to reach their professional potential.