Executive Leadership Coaching

CASE STUDY #3: Mindfulness to Find Balance & Effectiveness 

Leading through a period of change and transition can be tough on any leader.  In this engagement, new perspectives were needed for the executive in order to find greater personal balance and more professional effectiveness.  


This Fortune 500 financial executive was stressed out and lacked clarity after leading his team through a tough transition.  He needed to rebuild trust and develop greater team collaboration.  He also wanted to find his vision and purpose to lead.

Our Approach

We initiated the engagement with a two-day workshop on mindful leadership with the senior financial leadership team. Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we initiated a 3 month program with the larger finance team, meeting one hour per week for 10 weeks to discuss mindful approaches to work and doing a shared mindfulness meditation.  We customized the engagement to include topics relevant to this team, including focus, clarity, resilience, balance and communication. A shared commitment to a daily meditation practice was also part of the program.


By the end of the three month engagement, the client realized significant improvements in his overall wellbeing and stress-level, with greater productivity, attention and focus at work. His team experienced improvements to their collaboration and team effort, with more creativity, less interpersonal conflict, and less stress.  Post-engagement surveys reported a measurable increase in effectiveness and productivity.