Executive Leadership Coaching

Career coaching will let you take control of your professional destiny.

Our targeted career coaching helps clients find fulfillment in their career choices. Whether you are looking for greater success and upward mobility in your current profession, or looking to move into a new profession, career coaching will facilitate development of that new career path. Each career coaching engagement is personalized and targeted to your specific needs, with a focus on career planning goals and strategies.

For serious job seekers, our proven 4-step framework offers high-impact strategies to transition into a new career: 

Module 1: ASSESS

Assess your unique behavioral work style. Learn about your work needs, tendencies, strengths/weaknesses, preferred work environment, and strategies you can implement to be more effective and successful in any organization or position.

Module 2: EXPLORE

Explore different career paths that fit your unique interests and passions. Prioritize your options to reflect practical work/life needs and other considerations. Learn how to find career options that you may not know exist.

Module 3: EVALUATE

Evaluate your skills and strengths, your work values, and what factors are most important for you to have in a career and in a particular environment. Discuss the ways that your past skills and experiences are transferable into other types of roles. Consider which fields and industries are of interest and relevant.


Put a comprehensive career action plan in place, with clear goals, actions and timing. Discuss the most effective strategies for networking, job search and to gain the information needed to take your career forward in an empowered way.

To help serious job seekers accelerate their search process, we also offer:

  • interview coaching
  • personal branding

We make significant progress with most clients in 4-6 sessions.  All coaching engagements are customized to each client's unique needs.