Executive Leadership Coaching

Want to be 10% More Effective Today?

The fast-paced, 'always-on' work environment of today comes with real downsides; forced to multitask, and constantly reacting to interruptions and demands, our brains - already full by mid-morning - start to feel a sense of overwhelm, and we lose our focus and ability to prioritize, and we become more emotionally reactive. The result: less productivity.  Whether you are a leader of a team, or an individual contributor, this has real impact on your day.  Imagine the impact on your day if you could reclaim even 10% of your mental effectiveness and productivity.  

The way to reclaim your mental effectiveness is now scientifically proven, and doesn't require more than 10 minutes per day: 


Research has found that a regular mindfulness practice - brain training, essentially, changes the brain's functioning, impacting how we engage with ourselves, others, and our work.  It improves our executive functioning, including our control over our thoughts, words and actions.  In the heat of the moment, this diffuses an emotional response, and helps us access a considered response.  It makes us more conscious of our choices, instead of being reactionary to whatever comes our way.  With mindfulness, we are in charge of our days -- instead of our day being in charge of us. 

If you are interested in mindfulness, there are many great resources online, including this article from Potential Project: https://hbr.org/2017/01/spending-10-minutes-a-day-on-mindfulness-subtly-changes-the-way-you-react-to-everything