Executive Leadership Coaching

Goals, Results & Happiness

"If you want to have a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things." - Albert Einstein

We stay in close contact with our former clients, checking in periodically to inquire how their work with us has turned into lasting success - or if they are facing new challenges.  One common obstacle that comes up frequently with former clients is that they forget to set clear and specific goals for themselves. When that happens, actions are not oriented towards meaningful results. They move forward dissatisfied, and without clear direction. 

If you are feeling like your life is not moving forward in the way you desire, ask yourself: what direction are you setting for yourself? What results do you want? What clear and specific goals can you set for yourself to get those results?  What actions will help you you achieve these goals and results? 

Positive results equal taking actions that support your goals, and eliminating actions that detract from your goals.

This simple formula is not so easy for many people, in reality. This is where a coach, mentor or friend can help facilitate change and success.  However you can set yourself up for success with the very simple idea of remembering to set goals - and reevaluating those goals on a periodic basis.