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Energy Management - the "New Time Management"

Energy management is the “new” time management – it’s not just about the number of hours in the day you create, it is about the quality of those hours, and what kind of energy they create for you.   

Energy management is about cultivating the whole person - through sleep, proper diet, exercise and time for socializing, creativity and thinking. 

Energy management is hard - because we think in terms of our time spent, and the time you spend “not doing something” is not going to help you in that particular moment or that week.  “Not doing” is not going to help you get dinner made, or get the project to your boss.   

But in energy management, the practice of “not doing” is essential.  To get the sleep you need so that you can give full attention to your workday.  To find time weekly to cultivate give yourself time to think, so that you can find the creativity, clarity and vision you need to succeed.To honor your wellbeing and health so that stress doesn’t overtake you, and you can continue to work at what is meaningful for years to come. 

What can you do today to find a better way of managing your energy?