Executive Leadership Coaching

Has your job lost its excitement?

All jobs have boring days. Sometimes the day-to-day work environment feels more like you are running a hamster wheel than moving forward in a career path. If that is the case, what can you do about it?

First, don't wait for things to improve on their own -- take action. Making even small changes to your daily work can prove transformative.  Start by keeping a list of all the things you accomplish each day, noting which kinds of work energize you and which leave you feeling drained.  Reflect on what you do best and what your strengths are, and which of your projects utilize those.  Next, think about how you might redesign your role around the tasks that interest you most and that utilize your strengths. Talk to your boss about taking on new challenges that fit your talents and goals, or volunteer on a project outside your department (or even outside of work, such as with a non-profit or an organization that interests you).  Positive energy around new projects can sometimes be the solution to temporary job doldrums. 

Adapted from “How to Fall Back in Love with Your Job,” by Carolyn O’Hara.